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51. Don't let your bad tenant ruin you.

Some landlords have had their finances ruined because they signed on too many bad tenants. People who make their living on real estate and hiring out properties can't afford to make too many of these mistakes. Fortunately, places like Langee Realty Inc. are skilled at giving landlords the background checks that they need in order to properly get a sense of who their tenants are before they actually sign their leases. Langee Realty Inc. works with a professional online background checking company for the sake of complete national background checks.

These full national background checks will be able to give Langee Realty Inc. information on the criminal records of prospective tenants, if any, in addition to any histories of evictions, leans, or judgments. Based on this information, landlords will be able to learn about the credit scores and credit histories of their prospective or potential tenants. Many of these data points will allow people to really learn everything they need to know about their tenants before they actually sign their leases.

Thanks to working with Langee Realty Inc., landlords will be able to get a sense of their tenants' finances. Someone with a positive credit score or a positive credit history might still be a problematic tenant, but at least this person is more likely to be financially able to make payments in the first place. Tenants who can't even demonstrate that they have the necessary income to live in a particular place need to be disqualified. Far too many people try to live outside their means, and their landlords are going to suffer the consequences along with the tenants themselves.

Landlords should also disqualify tenants who have had a history of evictions. A tenant who has been evicted once may simply be a victim of circumstance. Most times they are not victims of circumstances and are on their way to being evicted over and over again. A tenant who has been evicted over and over again may be the sort of person with a history of manipulating landlords and trying to bleed them dry. If landlords working with Langee Realty Inc. find out that the tenants they were considering have been evicted, they should immediately look elsewhere for tenants.

People who have had problems with the law will probably have to be disqualified. Obviously, legal problems form a very broad category, and some landlords might be understandably forgiving in some cases. Evaluating these cases individually makes sense. However, a history of legal problems is still an enormous red flag for everyone involved. The legal information that Langee Realty Inc. is able to find on prospective tenants could help many landlords avoid falling on financial hard times themselves, or possibly having a run-in with the law themselves.

However, it is also important not to go too far and embrace the opposite extreme when it comes to choosing a new tenant. Especially today, apartment or house landlords will be under the impression that they need to be able to find the perfect candidate to move into their spaces, and the perfect candidate is just not going to exist. Having a vacant apartment for months on end is going to be nearly as financially problematic as having a tenant who won't pay rent for months on end. In the latter situation, the tenant may be causing damage to the house or apartment building, which is obviously going to create a particularly bad situation. However, in the former situation, a lot of the potential earnings for a landlord are going to waste.

Often times, ensuring that dire situations involving late payments won't happen again is a matter of positive and negative reinforcement for tenants. Some landlords charge a late fee for the tenants that aren't paying their bills on time. Late fees can work wonders for credit card companies and many other lenders, and they will work just as well for landlords. Having a three-day notice will often work well. Some tenants are honestly going to be late on their payments for reasons that are understandable. They might be living from paycheck to paycheck. They might be going through difficult financial times of their own for other reasons. Landlords who want to be sympathetic and understanding to these sorts of tenants when it comes to getting paid late aren't suckers: they're being decent people.

However, there is always a line between being compassionate and being complacent, and landlords need to make sure that they don't cross it with the people who will not pay rent. Some people are more than capable of paying the rent, and they will simply choose not to if they're convinced that they can get away with it. Other people are essentially trying to give themselves discounts by dodging rent payments for as long as they can, and they don't care that their landlords are losing money in the process. Part of the skill involved with being a landlord is going to include the ability to read people and their motivations with regards to not paying rent. Many landlords will pick up these sorts of skills with experience. They may just have to go through some difficult tenants before they develop an instinct for this sort of thing.

The important thing all landlords should know is that they are not alone. Difficult tenants are common in this business, and having a tenant who just won't pay is widely regarded as one of the hazards of the job. Property management companies like Langee Realty Inc. have helped landlords through difficult situations all the time, and landlords can save themselves a lot of time and grief by seeking out the services of organizations like these during times of trouble.

Rental Property Management Tampa Florida


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